Reserve Library Spaces

The Veterinary Library has 12 reservable spaces on the 2nd floor. Spaces can be reserved for an entire day or part of a day. The reservable spaces are wooden carrels (desks); electrical and network outlets are nearby.

Loew 106/107 is reserved for DVM exams on Fridays from 8am-12pm, throughout the semester, to accommodate students who don’t have a suitably quiet space to take exams in their homes, and/or students who have to be on campus because of commuting arrangements. The room occupancy is limited to eight people.

Reservable Library Space Calendar


Description of Study Spaces in Loew Medical Education Center

Study spaces on the 1st floor of the library include:

  • four low tables - seating for four people at each table
  • two armchairs
  • three wooden carrels
  • three high desks
  • Room 106/107 - occupancy is eight
  • Room 108 - occupancy is one
  • Room 109 - occupancy is one

Study spaces on the 2nd floor of the library include:

  • two round tables - seating for two people at each table
  • one long table - seating for four people
  • four wooden carrels
  • plus the 12 reservable wooden carrels

Additional study spaces in Loew include:

  • Student Lounge in the basement - occupancy is five
  • Hamilburg Lecture Hall on the second floor - occupancy is 22. NOTE: Classes are being held in HLH. Please check the MS-IDGH class schedule before checking the room itself so that classes will not be disturbed.
  • Second floor hallway - occupancy is six