New E-Books 2014 (some of which are newer than others)

Happy New Year! I would like to highlight the 16 electronic books we just bought, plus some that will be coming in 2015. In addition to the books the Veterinary Library buys, the Tufts Libraries buy thousands of electronic books each year, too many to list here. Links to our electronic books are in the Tufts Library Catalog and in JumboSearch.

Books coming in 2015

  • August's consultations in feline internal medicine, v.7, edited by S. Little
  • Canine and feline cytology by R. Raskin
  • Canine and feline endocrinology by E. Feldman
  • Clinical echocardiography of the dog and cat by E. de Madron
  • Feline behavioral medicine by I. Rodan
  • Joint disease in the horse by C.W. McIlwraith
  • Saunders handbook of veterinary drugs by M. Papich