Farmers Market Resumes

news image The Farmers' Market has started back up for the 2019 season. We had some beautiful donations of cucumbers, peppers, squash and eggplant. All of the money collected is donated to the Travis Fund for Needy Animals. The market is located just inside the Library entrance, in Loew Medical Education Center.  

Wellbeing Collection

We've created a small wellbeing collection, near our comfy chair reading nook. Some of the topics include self-esteem, mental health, financial planning and career planning. Come take a look! news image

Students' JumboCash Print Subsidy

A $10 print subsidy has already appeared in students' JumboCash accounts. The money can be used to pay for printing on any of the Tufts campuses. And another piece of good news... if you do not use your print subsidy by the end of the academic year, it will roll over into the new academic year! Our thanks go to the Medford students for lobbying for this benefit, TTS  and Tufts Libraries for making it happen, and the University for their support.

EBVM & EBM Databases

Essential Evidence Plus is the latest addition to the Tufts Libraries’ collection of tools for finding evidence-based medicine literature. It includes some veterinary topics. For a more complete search of the EBVM/EBM literature, try some of the other tools listed below.

Dr Dodman Translated

Dr. Dodman's books have been translated into many languages. When he retired, he cleaned out his office and sent us two boxes of books in Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.

TL-011 Renovation - Summer 2017

The Loew Medical Education Center Teaching Lab is getting a much needed renovation this summer. After a delayed start, work on the renovation finally began last week. The space was gutted. This week they are doing the layout; framing; saw cutting the slab (noisy!); rough installation of the electrical, plumbing and ducts. They will try to do the really noisy stuff early in the morning, before any of us are here.

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